Crystal Glass Tiles

Crystal Glass Tiles

Crystal glass tiles, which can be see through so it gets the name as "crystal", but with the color paints on the back of the mosaic tiles makes thousands of colors are possible. They are made of crystal clear glass and come in a variety of patterns, styles and colors. Also they can be squared, subway, round and interlocking patterns and the general thickness are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm. Crystal glass tiles are the most widespread mosaic tiles in common use and are used in great numbers by builders and designers for common tasks such as shower bases and swimming pool edging, but these useful mini mosaic tiles can readily be adapted for artistic craftwork, these tiles went through high temperature kiln during production, so the colors will never fade away.  They are usually supplied on a baking sheet of light fabric mesh, from which they are easily detached with warm water. Nowadays, more and more new crafts added in, such as inner crackle, wave backing, gold foil backing, hand printing backing, making the tiles look terrific.  Crystal glass tiles are extremely durable and almost totally stain resistant. Crystal glass tiles are often used for special effects, wherever light plays an important role, similar to stained glass mosaic tiles. They are highly recommended for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, mirror deco, shower wall floor, fireplace.

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Iridescent glass mosaic tile sheets arch kitchen mosaic backsplash designs interlocking patterns wall tiles decor CGT89

Iridescent glass mosaic tile backsplash arched crystal mosaics interlocking subway tiles for tv wall stickers shower tileSheet Size: 305x310mmChip Size: 15x15mm, 15x64mmThickness:..

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Hand painted crystal glass tile sheets gold mosaic bathroom arch kitchen backsplash ideas bridge patterns wall decor HPT88

Crystal glass mosaic tile sheet wall stickers kitchen backsplash tile floor stickers design bathroom shower poolSheet Size: 305x310mmChip Size: 15x15mm, 15x64mmThickness:..

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