Pebble Tiles

Pebble Tiles

Porcelain pebble tiles are glazed porcelain tile which designed as pebble shapes. The chips look like triangles with rounded edges, also look like heart shape. These tiles are made of porcelain which almost has zero water absorption. Therefore, they are extremely good for swimming pools, bathroom and shower floor. The key point for production is the temperature. Only the right temperature can bring beautiful fame effect that looks like flowers on the finish of the tile. These porcelain tiles are durable and stable. They may be used for both interior designs and outdoors.

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Glazed porcelain tiles cheap pebble tile green and brown shower wall and floor tiles design heart-shaped ceramic pebbles mosaic PPT004

Pebble tiles porcelain mosaic tiles glazed ceramic tile bathroom wall decor kitchen backsplashes swimming pool tiles shower mosaics wall tilesSheet Size: 290x290mmChip Size:..

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Pebble tiles porcelain mosaic tiles glazed ceramic tile bathroom wall designs kitchen backsplash cheap shower mosaics PPT30

Glazed porcelain mosaic tile kitchen backsplash pebble ceramic tile stickers AB30 bathroom floor mirror tiles shower wall tilesSheet Size: 290x290mmChip..


pebble porcelain tile swimming pool outdoor flooring glazed ceramic mosaic fambe heart-shaped free stone chips FS1712 kitchen backsplash bath wall tiles

This ceramic mosaic is mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass, easy installation of any mosaic tile projects. The porcelain tile has a zero water absorption rate, and..


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