Shell Tiles

Shell Tiles

Shell tiles were created by tile artisans who inlay the jewelry boxes. The natural iridescent finish and glittering marks on shells are deeply loved by customers. The fresh shell tiles are made of fresh river shell which are mostly in white color with yellow pink marks. And the see shell tiles are made of natural sea shell which are mostly in black, green, yellow, brown and white, they are basically in 2 mm and 8 mm thick. For 8 mm tiles, it is 2 mm shell chips glued on 6 mm base which is made of magnesia or porcelain.

Bravotti offers stunning exotic tiles in your choice of a lovely shell surface which is perfect in bathroom decor or kitchen backsplash…an excellent choice for any space where you wish to create a warm and inviting feel. Our shell series come in an array of colors: blue, brown, cream/beige, gold and white, selecting the right tile is an easy way to kick up your bathroom’s style. Shell tiles can be a perfect option when you are making your kitchen remodeling, they are so captivating as your kitchen backsplashes.

Shell tiles can be used in almost all the places you may imagine. Shell mosaic tiles are made of natural pearl shell, no industrial waste or energy were used in manufacturing the beautiful shell mosaic tiles, thus qualifying as green products. You can use them on the walls, floors, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, table tops, sauna places, etc. You can even use them on the radial column, cabinet as well as furniture.

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Natural seashell mosaic penny round  mother of pearl tile backsplash kitchen designs iridescence shell tile bathroom ST065

Sheet Size: 11.8"x11.8" (300mmx300mm)Diameter: 4/5" (20mm)Thickness: 2mmShape: RoundUsage: Backsplash & WallColor: Gorgeous shine with original color richness of..

$19.99 $22.69 12% off

Hexagon mosaic mother of pearl tiles backsplash bathroom shower tiles

Mother of pearl hexagon mosaic backsplash white natural shell materials seashell with base wall tiles for kitchen and bathroomSheet Size: 300x300mmChip Size: 25x25mmThickness:..


Mother of Pearl Shell Tile ST069 sheets Iridescence Seashell Mosaic designs art Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Bathroom Wall stickers

Chip Size:3/5"x3/5" (15x15mm), Sheet Size:11.8"x11.8" (300x300mm), Thickness:2mm, Collection:seamless shell tiles, Application:bathrooms, spas, kitchen backsplash, wall facades,..


Mother of pearl tile backsplash kitchen designs ellipse shell tiles wall mirror natural seashell mosaic art ST067 bathroom tile flooring

Sheet Size: 298x298mm, Thickness: 2mm, Collection: Shell Mosaic Tiles, Shape: Ellipse, Mosaic type:Sheet, This mosaic tile is mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass, easy..


Seashell tiles for kitchen wall mother of pearl square shell mosaic backsplash

Shell mosaic tiles wall mother of pearl tile backsplash kitchen design fresh water natural seashell floor stickerSheet Size: 300x300mmChip Size: 15x15mmThickness: 2mmShape:..


Natural Seashell Mosaic Iridescence Mother of Pearl Tile Backsplash Classic Kitchen Designs Shell Tiles Mirror Wall Decor ST066

Chip Size: 1"x1" (25x25mm), Sheet Size: 11.8"x11.8" (300x300mm), Thickness: 8mm, Collection: shell mosaic tiles, Application: kitchen backsplash, bathroom, wall facades and walls,..


Mother of Pearl Tile Backsplash Kitchen design Seashell Mosaic Tiling Bathroom Mirrored Wall stickers Shell Tiles SN00251

Chip Size:25mm*25mm, Sheet Size:305mm*305mm, Thickness:2mm, Collection:shell mosaic tiles, Application:kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, Color / Finish:natural shell smooth..


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