Affiliate Agreement

This agreement is between Bravotti and your the Affiliate. We both agree on the following terms as a Affiliate for

Contact Info Accuracy

You are responsible for the accuracy of your contact info, including phone number, fax number, email, and mailing address. will not be responsible for any issue such as a commission check getting lost when the delay of the commission check, is because of a failure of delivery, due to a wrong address.

You are responsible to represent with a professional image and conduct business in a legal way with integrity. will not be held accountable for any misconduct or misrepresentation by a Affiliate.

Commission Payment Calculation Policy

The commission is calculated based on Net Sales, which is the total sales price excluding shipping costs, sales tax & promotion discounts.

The formula: commission = Your commission rate x Net sales or, Your commission rate x (Total sales – shipping costs - sales tax – all promotion discounts).

Commission Payment Check Issuance Policy

Your commission check will be mailed the monthly end date (if holidays, then postponed to the following working day, setting monthly end date is for accounting purpose so that we can process and mail all the commission checks at the same time).

You will be seeing your commission dollar amount and what customers have bought through your referral real time after you log into your account.

However, the commission will not be realized until the transaction is completed and the return period expires (delivered to customer and accepted by customer, then the expiration of the return). Since our longest return period is 30 days, your commission is realized 40 days after shipment delivery (since we may consider a return, if there is some special circumstances). Your commission check will be mailed on the end date of that month.

Commission Tax Reporting Policy

You are an independent contractor and not an employee of, so for your tax reporting purposes, a 1099 tax form will be mailed out to you.

Representation & Trademark Policy

You are representing yourself as an individual referral to your potential customers. You are entitled to using business cards, marketing materials, and logo for promoting and only for this purpose. Any other purpose other than promoting and products are prohibited without written agreement.

Rights Reserved by reserves the rights to cancel your membership as our Affiliate given any complaints from customers, government agency, or from the public for misconduct of business practices. Your commission can be held or forfeited if your membership is cancelled due to misconduct of business practices. policy may change with email notice.